A series of Industrial Emotion is an imaginary world / structures that mixtures of emotions are expressed in, through industrial sceneries. To explore the concept of creating eeriness through machinery, focusing on workable reality, the artist’s challenge to bring strong impact and different dimensions to viewers’ world will be continued.

The first edition, Industrial Emotion – Altar are precisely made on a scale of one to 700 assuming that the fictional structure is real, so you could enjoy framing the realistic sceneries through the the piece. A night mode with more than 80 lighting-up LEDs brings out a different atmosphere of the world.

Title: Industrial Emotion – Altar #01
Medium: Acrylic, Brass, Glass, Metal, Plastic, Resin, Stainless Steel
Artist: Kentaro Sato
Size: 80×80×126mm
Copyright year: 2023Copyright holder: Kentaro SatoProhibited matter: Unauthorized reproduction and copying prohibited
Edition work (Individual differences): This is the artwork “#01” out of ten limited edition pieces. The other pieces are due to be sequentially released. Everything is handcrafted except for 3D printed sculpture. Each of the pieces has different characteristics in details and colors.

This work is fictional and ornamental art piece. We assume no responsibility for any accident due to remodeling or using for unornamental purposes. When electrical components such as LED, substrate and wires are run down, we will fix them at cost. It consists of a lot of small parts, including magnet. Please keep it away from small children to prevent accidental ingestion.


Kentaro Sato (born in 1975, at Yokohama, Kanagawa) is founder and designer of his own company Yuunagi Industries Ltd., dealing with scale model kit, occasionally electronics body for leading manufacturers. Growing up with gearhead / railfan family in 80’s – 90’s : a fad of plastic model kit, his craftsmanship for model building and curiosity for machinery have been cultivated. To learn correct figure of objects and stretch his imagination, he studied drawing and sculpting at Seinan Art Laboratory in his thirties. Firstly traumatic but afterward fascinating childhood experience, that he strayed into the engine compartment of a museum ship, Hikawa Maru, surrounded by dark massive construction with the smell of oil, still impacts his artwork.